My Funny Valentine 

You know, my tone, my thoughts, my overall feelings about this day have changed. I’m preparing for something that’ll probably take my breath away; only for a moment though, as I want to inhale the scent of his masculinity and feel the vibration of his love for me. 

I crave that organic … that natural “I want more of you even when I think I’ve had enough of you” love. He’s a mind reader, a healer, a lover, a friend, a communicator, a comedian, a kid at heart, a wanderer, a thinker, a traveler … he’s the lock to my key. He’s my right now, my should have always been, and my “I’m perserving him for later.” He’s that 365 days a year kind of love. He makes my heart dance as it rocks to the rhythm of his every heartbeat. Right now, at this moment, I’m preparing my love for his love. Loving myself before sharing a few pieces of me with someone else. 

It’s more than the flowers, the chocolates, the bears, the cards, etc. Love encompasses the energy of two lost souls and the strength of two tarnished hearts … it’s far from perfect, it’s love in the rawest and most rarest form. 

I adore you My Funny Valentine … where ever you are. I’m so eager to finally meet you. 

May you enjoy this day and every day with someone you crave … with someone who complements your mental, your physical, and your spiritual. 

Happy 365 Moments of Love Day! And, today only serves as one moment … Day (Moment) 45. 


Karma Loves 💋❤️

“F” You Valentine’s Day 

A BIG “F” You to Valentines’s Day!! Slow neck roll with a quick sucking of the teeth. And no, I’m not saying that because I’m single as a Salt and Vinegar Pringle (the one chip that’s just laying at the bottom of the canister) or the end piece of a loaf of bread (you know the overly crusted slice that no one touches at the very end of the bag … yeah that one). I say this because we (yes, I’m including myself in the mix) tend to forget the true meaning of love in its rawest form or often confuse it with lust (like those intense and overly sexualized thoughts of slobbing on the “knob” of the hottest/sexiest celebrity-for me it’s “before he was married and had a daughter” Channing Tatum … Sorry, not sorry). 

Love is a verb … It’s a noun … It’s a motive … It’s a form of action that many don’t act upon. I’ve always been infatuated with fairy tales or fables. You know, when boy meets girl (like Cory and Topanga) they fall deep in love, get married on Elba island in Italy (small and quaint ceremony) and live happily ever after until death or until another man/woman do them part.


Love is unmeasured … It’s pure … It’s original … It’s colorless … It’s undeniable. Love is within us .. It exudes from the core of the heart and speaks languages of many to the soul.

Here goes another BIG “F” You to Valentines’s Day … Keep your cuddly bears, your chocolate covered strawberries, your roses, your corny ass greeting cards, and your annoying Cupid … wait, is he single though? I want LOVE (in the raw) without the extra (materialism is overrated).

And yes, I’m being “salty.” Whatever the hell that means.


Karma Loves ❤️