Contemplating … Krazy Kat “Advantures”

What the H***! Krazy Kat Advantures?!? Yes, you read that right … No need to adjust your screen or wipe the dust from your spectacles.  I am contemplating living life minimally and off-grid in a metal box with wheels.  Allow me to rephrase that … my southern ethnic ass is really thinking about living full-time in a pimped out cargo van. You can thank my friend, a military veteran, for the idea. Several months ago, she sent me a stream of youtube videos (see a few below) with a text (and, I honestly read it in her voice) … “girl, you need to watch this.” Ever since that day, I’ve been hooked on #vanlife. Negative Nancy will no longer haunt me … Nomad Nathaniel saves me while flying around in a cape crafted with baby wipes and treading about in thigh high hiking boots. Haha!

But, why live in a van? You may ask. Why not? I’ve had my share of living and partially owning (you’re the lender’s biotch for 15 or 30 years) beautiful homes in the suburbs and renting apartments in the city. When I shared my idea with others, you wouldn’t believe the looks and feedback that I received. At this point in my life and at this age (41 in less than 1.5 weeks), I can only show the naysayers what they only wish or dream they could do. I’m like this, you can continue to sit up in your sticks, bricks, and/or vinyl like a prisoner not eligible for parole and I’ll travel the country in my rose gold metal/plastic box with wheels. All, with a little less stress and more dinero in my bank account. I have goals to become debt free, have at least $1,000,000 in savings, and live without limitations. Anything is possible, right? In order to bring that into fruition, I must let go of those things that truly never made me happy. One being my former husband … oh, my bad, veered off the road there for a minute. Anywho, I’m a firm believer in DREAMING BIG, THINKING BIG, and DOING BIG THINGS.

I finally want to be free and as cliche as this may sound, spread my wings and fly. Well, in this case, put the pedal to the floor and explore the unknown one mile at a time. I am so flipping excited. I can’t seem to contain my excitement. I get to shower in the wild, shit in a bucket, and wake up with a view only seen in travel mags magazines.

Stay tuned family for more … Vroom Vroom!


A Letter to My Suicidal Self

Dear My Darkness,

I don’t even know where to start or even know where to begin … I just don’t want you to feel that it’s your end.

I’ve heard your cries, I’ve felt the tears run down your face as they seeped through the fabric of your existence. I’ve inhaled your anger, your pain, and your exhaustion. I’ve tasted every tear (poignant in nature as it pierced through my tongue) that fell on the palate … the plate of your frame. I heard every word you screamed (until the ringing in my ears was a constant echo) the other night  … eerie and sacrilegious … “I f@@king hate you!” “I don’t want to be you anymore!”

As you stood in front of that elongated mirror the other day, you didn’t recognize your beauty, your strength, your wisdom, your hope, your freedom … But, I did. You felt as if you had lost your femininity. You felt as if your womanhood was stripped until you were unidentifiable … Until your gender was unclassified. In your eyes you were lost … You escaped from the prison of utter disappointment, the prison of a failed marriage and disintegrated relationships, the prison of jaded religions, the prison of financial ruin, the prison of another’s disorientation. And, some days you felt like a prisoner (on death row) trapped in your own body. You felt you had no where to go … Had no one to turn to .. Even felt God tuned His back on you. I traveled though the darkness with you; Even as I tried to lead you into my guiding light.

I too crave the love you one day hope for … the love that you one day inhale and undoubtedly exhale … the love that will be shared with your soul man. You yearn for the love that’ll Illuminate your heart. The heart that has lost its spark … The heart that has lost its beat … The heart that is enslaved by anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, despair, and even deceit.

Yes, this world is a shit storm … Loose, hard, and vile shit flying in all directions. We will not lay dormant in a pool of foul fecal matter. We will not fear the fearful … We will not surrender to the hateful … We will not incarcerate ourselves until we “dry rot.” We will not be prisoners of our own war.

We made it 38.5 years together .. let’s continue this crossing of life together … This journey of resilience and discernment. I’ll hold your hand, I’ll walk with you … I’ll wade through the river of Jordan with you.

Life is a beautiful canvas … Colorful and  limpid. We must use the brush of life and continuously paint with strokes to the left and paint with strokes to the right … there will be as many ups as there are downs. We must seek the light of a better day before darkness casts its grueling spell.

I love you … You’re my inspiration … You’re  my protector as I am yours. You’re my soul sister … You’re my spirit animal. You are a survivor … You are me as I am you.

This is our new beginning my sister … You are the love of my life.


*If you know someone who has lost the map of life, please reach out to them, walk with them, talk to them (not at them), lend a helping hand. I hope to reach the masses  with my letter of truth. It’s evident that in many communities, certain life elements are frowned upon and/or not discussed. We all must realize suicide is a disease (depression is the culprit). We must find a cure. Please share this letter as it could be one’s ticket to freedom.



Your Light

Good Morning Loving

As I close my eyes, I can only envision the art of good morning loving. There’s nothing in this world more orgasmic than waking up beside the man I call my best and greatest friend, my lover like no other, my confidant, my companion … the mate to my soul. He’s my other half, because together we are better and apart we are stronger.

The art of good morning loving requires only two … two beings enriched with unrestricted love. Don’t get up now; just allow your bodies to connect. Your bare back is facing his unclothed body. The touch of his soft lips on your neck sends a strong electric current through your spine. His hands gently take a few first class trips to every known curve and crevice. Your facial expressions and body movements convey a lustful tale … your sexual breath and dramatized moan turns him on. He turns you around and looks deep into your soul causing your pupils to dilate. He interlocks his left hand with your right hand (it’s now against the pillow) … you decide to gently grab his hair with your free hand. He continues to look into your eyes as he travels down the center of your body with his slithery serpent (his tongue). Your heart pounds as he licks and sucks on your delicate and sensitive breasts, hips, and thighs. He reaches the motherland … the core of pleasure. He erotically massages your “lady tongue” with his serpent. You try to push him away, but his force is too mighty. He adores your moans and your groans … he stops. He slowly climbs on top of your trembling body. He kisses your lips … you welcome his tongue into your mouth (you taste your sweet nectar … your tantalizing juices). You close your eyes and utter a prayer to God, “Thank you Father for this man … he’s the man of my every want, my every need, and my every desire … Amen.”

He eases into your “majestic jewel” … your warmth causes convulsions (he loses self-control). He goes deeper … you both moan in unison. You feel drops of his sweat land on your protruding nipples. He goes deeper … you hear the echo of your moan. He goes even deeper … he wants to free his flow, but refuses to. He sucks on your ear lobe and whispers into your ear, “I want you to cum with me.” This shit turns you on … he finally unchains your inner orgasmic beast.

Bzzzzzzz! Damn! The 6:00am alarm (you set) squeals on your iPhone. You were almost there. To Be Continued …

When I awake from this daydream, I can only hope the universe releases this man, this powerful being into my reality. There’s nothing in this world more beguiling than good morning loving. You giving all of you … he’s giving all of him.

Dateless in Carolina: Bloggerivews Page NOW OPEN

Bloggerviews: Where I conduct interviews with men and women to discuss their experiences with past/present/future relationships, their dating adventures, their sex or sexless life, etc. Get ready for candid conversations and much-needed life lessons.

Click the Dateless in Carolina: Bloggerview page tab. Read and Scroll. Read and Scroll some more. Delve into the minds of other singles and couples. You may be rewarded with words of wisdom. Knowledge derives from the many formalites of life.

Make yourself at home. Put on a comfortable pair of pajamas, Play a little jazz to set the mood, Grab a glass (a bottle is recommended) of your favorite wine, Sit back, and Relax.

Be Like an Animal

Be like an animal! Dare to be different. Wear your stripes with pride (Your flaws are the perfect imperfection), Roar like a Lioness (Be confident), and Extend your claws (Be fearless).

I’m often my own worst enemy. There are days that I wish I was taller, sometimes a little bit shorter, smaller in the waist, slimmer hips and thighs, more defined abdominal muscles, and had less of a pooch and rump-a-dacious curve in the back.

All things hoped for are not always the components that make us extraordinary or distinctive earth bound beings. Our external and internal “tattoos” or make-up define who we truly are and who we are/were meant to be.

Roar … Growl … Bark … Howl …  Hiss! BE LIKE AN ANIMAL! BE FEARLESS!

Single, Sassy, and Classy

I’m single, a little sassy, and classy. What more can a woman ask for or desire besides the obvious. I must be honest with you though, I’m a bit over strolling through Single Street with pedicured toes, hair blowing in the wind, and a walk that’ll stop traffic. Class Act

I want to travel the world with a man … a gentle, kindhearted, and fearless man. I want our souls to connect, our hearts to beat with one rhythm (his “lub” flows with my “dub”). I want our minds to be stimulated by words of intellect. I want our bodies to collide … to reach a point of an orgasmic overdose when we’re together or when we’re apart. I want to embrace his culture as he embraces mine.

I want to build a home with him (together we lay bricks and stones). I want to cook (preparing our favorite dish) for him while wearing only an apron and stilettos. I want to wash his back, I want him to kiss my neck, I want to heal his pain, his strife … wipe his tears (not only in the dark, but in the light).

I want us to take a stroll in the city hand in hand, side by side, and shoulder to shoulder while leading each other. I want others to feel the warmth of our flame … see the passion in our eyes. I want others to marvel our story of love in raw form.

Now, I’m slowly opening my eyes, only to realize, I still remain in this obscure reality. However, I’m learning (each and every day) that it’s possible to be single, a little sassy, and classy.

Inspire the World

I never thought I would be at this place in my life or be in this moment of internal happiness. I may not have all the fame, the riches of this land, or even a man …but, I have my faith, my self-dignity, and most of all, my joy. I will not allow anyone to steal or even borrow the fabric of my life … the pieces of my existence.

imageI am so grateful for web outlets like WordPress that allows writers and creative thinkers, like myself, to delve more into the art of storytelling. I want to reach the masses. I want to save lives. I want to create a safe haven for those who never sought shelter from the storm.

We are placed in certain positions or situations in life for a reason. Through my trials, through my unhappiness, through my pain, through my tears, through those words of hate and disgust … I still held on to what little strength I had … to STAND (slightly upright).

Be an inspiration and save the world.