He Will Choose Me

Every time I hear “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles I tend to get misty eyed. Every human and living thing hopes to one day inhale love from someone or something else. Every living and breathing thing on earth has a heart.

We all deserve a chance at hearing and feeling the heartbeat of our soul mate … the one who truly complements our life. I still believe that he (my blessing in disguise) will one day say, “Baby, I choose you.” That day I can finally exhale … releasing what was and inhaling the breath of love in the present.

Laughter is Contagious

IMG_1443There’s nothing more magical than a photo still in black and white. Check out my expression … Laughter is the cure to all things unhoped for.

Laughter can be seen and heard … It’s a contagious inner and outer body reaction to certain stimuli. It’s like a magical fairy dust that’s sprinkled over a cluster of grey clouds.

Today, laugh a little … no, laugh a lot.  Create sunshine when there’s rain. Create morning when there’s night. Create light when there’s darkness. Create memories when you have very little (having a little means you have just enough). Inspire someone with your smile.


*Photo was taken in Savannah, Ga on St. Patty’s Day (By Anissa D. Anderson) … March 2014