Rent No More … I Did It

So, on Monday, April 22, 2019, I turned in all of my keys and said a BIG and LOUD southern “FU” to rent. I was tired of giving away over $1000/mth for 4 walls (that didn’t talk to me when I needed them to) and experiencing sporadic episodes of depression. I felt as if I was locked in a prison cell with no hope for parole … one cell, one short/rusty toilet, and a toddler bed. Though I had many amenities and “things” that could change my mood (temporarily), I was still not happy. I wanted freedom to explore the unknown, meet like-minded wanderers, and travel like there was no end in sight.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m finally preparing myself for #vanlife. Living the new American Dream.

Contemplating … Krazy Kat “Advantures”

What the H***! Krazy Kat Advantures?!? Yes, you read that right … No need to adjust your screen or wipe the dust from your spectacles.  I am contemplating living life minimally and off-grid in a metal box with wheels.  Allow me to rephrase that … my southern ethnic ass is really thinking about living full-time in a pimped out cargo van. You can thank my friend, a military veteran, for the idea. Several months ago, she sent me a stream of youtube videos (see a few below) with a text (and, I honestly read it in her voice) … “girl, you need to watch this.” Ever since that day, I’ve been hooked on #vanlife. Negative Nancy will no longer haunt me … Nomad Nathaniel saves me while flying around in a cape crafted with baby wipes and treading about in thigh high hiking boots. Haha!

But, why live in a van? You may ask. Why not? I’ve had my share of living and partially owning (you’re the lender’s biotch for 15 or 30 years) beautiful homes in the suburbs and renting apartments in the city. When I shared my idea with others, you wouldn’t believe the looks and feedback that I received. At this point in my life and at this age (41 in less than 1.5 weeks), I can only show the naysayers what they only wish or dream they could do. I’m like this, you can continue to sit up in your sticks, bricks, and/or vinyl like a prisoner not eligible for parole and I’ll travel the country in my rose gold metal/plastic box with wheels. All, with a little less stress and more dinero in my bank account. I have goals to become debt free, have at least $1,000,000 in savings, and live without limitations. Anything is possible, right? In order to bring that into fruition, I must let go of those things that truly never made me happy. One being my former husband … oh, my bad, veered off the road there for a minute. Anywho, I’m a firm believer in DREAMING BIG, THINKING BIG, and DOING BIG THINGS.

I finally want to be free and as cliche as this may sound, spread my wings and fly. Well, in this case, put the pedal to the floor and explore the unknown one mile at a time. I am so flipping excited. I can’t seem to contain my excitement. I get to shower in the wild, shit in a bucket, and wake up with a view only seen in travel mags magazines.

Stay tuned family for more … Vroom Vroom!


Be You, Be True

Those who truly know me (know just enough info that I’m willing to share) are aware of my eccentric and charismatic personality. I am a bit on the weird side with a strong dose of “good-crazy.” I tend to “test the waters” or “go over the edge” … more than a little. I don’t follow repetitive trends, I create them.

Life is a journey and it’s a requirement to live beyond the norm. I’m that person who takes pride in piloting pranks (my fart pranks are epic). I’m that person who dances and sings in the rain with no umbrella. I’m that person who would place my “boo thang” in a “dutch oven” (if you’re unaware of this grotesque act of “kindness,” click here) and leave him there to “bake.” Haha! I crack myself up!


Many say, I’m a little weird, So What! Some say, I’m a little crazy, Who Cares! While others gripe, I’m just too HAPPY … Well, you “better get you some!”

Never allow the ungratefulness of others to disrupt your path in life. Be You, Be True.

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion

Edgar Allen Poe


A Long Time Coming

It has been a minute (more like a few weeks) since my last blog post. I haven’t been in the mood or in the “moment” to share my dry and dusty dating stories. I have yet to meet or even be in the presence of a man who’s desirable enough to share my portion of oxygen (more potent) or even inhale the scent of my morning breakfast sandwich … egg whites, spinach, kale, and goat cheese (or feta) on wheat (by the way, I SHOULD NOT be consuming any wheat induced products due to the way my stomach is set up).

This year I have decided to focus on building my brand. I have decided to reposition my thought process and focus on establishing wealth more abundantly. Most importantly, I have made a conscious decision to turn my ideas into my personal trunk of treasures. Moreover, this blog will be at the forefront on my list of daily priorities. I love the art of writing and creating magic with words.

I consider myself to be a creative and spiritual work of art. Yes, I am a masterpiece … if I don’t think so, who else will. I believe in exhaling my wants and needs into the universe … while allowing the universe to transform my energy into my reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to travel along the gravel roads of dating and share my descriptive tales. But, as I’ve learned through out the years there’s more to life than waiting for a man to sweep me off my feet (damn you to hell clichés). I’m more than positive that my flamboyant experiences will blow your “flipping” mind.

Stay tuned for more incredible, often delicious, and ingenious stories in the up and coming weeks. Remember to create your own beautiful canvas. Not only should you exist, YOU SHOULD LIVE with NO REGRET!


Happy 2015! The year of the BREAKTHROUGH!

Happy 37th Birthday to Me

 Happy 37th Birthday to ME!

IMG_1571I was hoping to wake up with a “boner” on my back (leaving quite an indentation) or a kiss on my lips from my “boo in my head”… or maybe breakfast in bed with a “baby’s breath blue” Tiffany & Co. box under my Eggo waffle. Bah Humbug! Ha Ha! Instead, I rose from my bed, let out a tigress yawn, extended my arms, released an early morning surge of gas (oops, sorry … I had Chipotle last night), and inhaled explicable joy. I am undeniably thankful for life at 37 years young. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m positioned where I need to be. From this day forward I plan to LIVE … LIVE without fear of the unknown and LIVE without regret.

                          Happy 37th Birthday to ME!




Happy 1 Month Bloggerversay to Me!

IMG_1449.JPGI accomplished a goal this year … I wrote it down and made it happen. Regardless of where I may stand in the blogging world (being that I am new and an unknown blogger), I am ecstatic and full of joy. During my “one woman show” here on WordPress, I unearthed a stream of wisdom (experiences from past relationships and encounters) and created a few real-life sagas (displaying a slight comedic flair). I am most proud of one of my biggest accomplishments … Blogging from the heart.

You can do anything you desire to do! You can fly with the eagles … You can travel around the globe … You can love without fear! Carpe Diem!

I would like to sincerely thank those who have taken time out of their lives to visit my little community. It is still a work in progress. It’s a sense of relief for me … it’s like therapy.

Exciting things to come for 2015! I shall take this divine gift to unknown heights. This is only the beginning with no room for the end. Feel free to join the Dateless in Carolina family!  Like! Follow! Subscribe! Comment! Send a Sista on a Blind Date!


Laughter is Contagious

IMG_1443There’s nothing more magical than a photo still in black and white. Check out my expression … Laughter is the cure to all things unhoped for.

Laughter can be seen and heard … It’s a contagious inner and outer body reaction to certain stimuli. It’s like a magical fairy dust that’s sprinkled over a cluster of grey clouds.

Today, laugh a little … no, laugh a lot.  Create sunshine when there’s rain. Create morning when there’s night. Create light when there’s darkness. Create memories when you have very little (having a little means you have just enough). Inspire someone with your smile.


*Photo was taken in Savannah, Ga on St. Patty’s Day (By Anissa D. Anderson) … March 2014