Inspire the World

I never thought I would be at this place in my life or be in this moment of internal happiness. I may not have all the fame, the riches of this land, or even a man …but, I have my faith, my self-dignity, and most of all, my joy. I will not allow anyone to steal or even borrow the fabric of my life … the pieces of my existence.

imageI am so grateful for web outlets like WordPress that allows writers and creative thinkers, like myself, to delve more into the art of storytelling. I want to reach the masses. I want to save lives. I want to create a safe haven for those who never sought shelter from the storm.

We are placed in certain positions or situations in life for a reason. Through my trials, through my unhappiness, through my pain, through my tears, through those words of hate and disgust … I still held on to what little strength I had … to STAND (slightly upright).

Be an inspiration and save the world.


Dear Unborn Child

Dear Unborn Child,

It’s not that I don’t want you …

I am financially unstable

I am mentally incapable

I am spiritually torn

I am emotionally drained

I am psychologically detached

It’s not that I don’t want you … I think of you daily. I feel the warmth of your body against my chest. I feel the sucking sensation on my nipples as you eat from my breasts. I want to raise you with values and morals. And reward you with diamonds and pearls. I want to protect you from the impurities of this world.

It’s not that I don’t want you … I don’t want the responsibility of being a mother in love with a man who cared only when his penis was in her hand. I don’t want to be just the “baby mama” … I don’t need the excessive drama. I know, how selfish of me.

It’s not that I don’t want you … Right now, I’m embracing my life as a single, dateless, and childless being. Before we (your father and I) bring you into this world, I want to be certain we’re prepared to bear your strife, your joy, your hurt, your pain … whether you’re a boy or a girl.

It’s not that I don’t want you … I don’t want to be another mother of a fatherless child.

With Love,

Your Looming Mommy

I salute all the single mothers (and fathers) of the world. Continue to be like superwomen (and supermen). Your child’s happiness is your power and your strength. Wear your cape with pride.