Be You, Be True

Those who truly know me (know just enough info that I’m willing to share) are aware of my eccentric and charismatic personality. I am a bit on the weird side with a strong dose of “good-crazy.” I tend to “test the waters” or “go over the edge” … more than a little. I don’t follow repetitive trends, I create them.

Life is a journey and it’s a requirement to live beyond the norm. I’m that person who takes pride in piloting pranks (my fart pranks are epic). I’m that person who dances and sings in the rain with no umbrella. I’m that person who would place my “boo thang” in a “dutch oven” (if you’re unaware of this grotesque act of “kindness,” click here) and leave him there to “bake.” Haha! I crack myself up!


Many say, I’m a little weird, So What! Some say, I’m a little crazy, Who Cares! While others gripe, I’m just too HAPPY … Well, you “better get you some!”

Never allow the ungratefulness of others to disrupt your path in life. Be You, Be True.

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion

Edgar Allen Poe


Laughter is Contagious

IMG_1443There’s nothing more magical than a photo still in black and white. Check out my expression … Laughter is the cure to all things unhoped for.

Laughter can be seen and heard … It’s a contagious inner and outer body reaction to certain stimuli. It’s like a magical fairy dust that’s sprinkled over a cluster of grey clouds.

Today, laugh a little … no, laugh a lot.  Create sunshine when there’s rain. Create morning when there’s night. Create light when there’s darkness. Create memories when you have very little (having a little means you have just enough). Inspire someone with your smile.


*Photo was taken in Savannah, Ga on St. Patty’s Day (By Anissa D. Anderson) … March 2014