Happy New Year! 

In eleven months (as of today), I will be 40 years old. Officially a certified cougar … haha! I wrote the first entry into my memoir “The Road to Greatness at 40.” I’m learning to embrace the beauty of aging one mole, one laugh line, one(well, a few) grey/gray hair(s), one right knee ache, and one pimple at a time. 

This year will be the best one yet. Speaking it all into my existence. Life is more than just a dream … it’s your reality. Live and not only exist. First selfie of 2017. Well, here’s to the best year of this decade. Cheers! Celebrate your greatness! 
Happy New Year! 
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Fake or Born With It … It’s Your Choice

In today’s shallow society, if you don’t have a BIG “split pea” aka bootay or a BIG set of non-nursing “cha-cha’s,” you are BASIC (please refer to urban dictionary to gain a better  understanding of the term … Click Here).

Young (and many matured) women are going under the knife to rid themselves of “the other night’s rejection.” As we all know, when gravity takes over, there’s absolutely no exercise (and honey, most of us have tried them all) that can make saggy breasts perky or a natural flat ass round, plump, and slapable without assistance from Dr. “Waste (Waist, Ass and Titties) No Time.” I’m just keeping it real boo boo. And, you know the transformation is not complete without a full set of extensions or clip-ins (from the gods of human hair with no synthetic fillers “bih”).

It’s like you can walk into your favorite plastic surgeon’s office looking like Olive Oyl (you know, Popeye’s girlfriend)  and come out the same day (just hours later) with inflated lips and breasts like Coco (Hot Tea’s, oh wait, Ice Tea’s wife), a cinched waist like Kim Kardashian (the Kim during Ray J and the infamous sex tape) and an ass like Serena Williams. Shhhyt … where the hell do I sign up?

And, uh, just make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience (more like half a lifetime) … I would hate for that new arse to deflate while your boo is uh, doing his “doggie due diligence.” (inserts surprise emoji). Haha!

Just saying …

If you don’t have a weak stomach, check out the following Snapchats of plastic surgeons performing Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations, liposuction, etc.  … it’s definitely interesting to watch. And, if you’re not familiar with Snapchat Click Here and get your life.

Dr. Miami

Snapchat: therealdrmiami

Dr. Schulman

Snapchat: nycplasticsurg

Either way that new Nabisco Cinnamon Bun Oreo Cookie Crumbles (damn, damn, damn … why did I choose this month to go on that diet?!?), Fake, Faux or Born With It… It’s Your Mofo choice. Do You While Being the Best You!  

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Karma Loves