About Me

New Image 2017  I am a happily divorced (single) and professional (my BIG floppy hat comes off when I create) woman of color in her early 40’s. I currently reside in the lower southeastern region of the United States … Good Ole South Carolina to be exact. I share living quarters with my sweet, tom-boyish, and innocent  Malti-poo (Kiki) who has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. I “WUV” her to pieces.

I’m a southern woman at heart who enjoys homemade buttermilk biscuits dipped in molasses, collard greens with a sweet and spicy tang, baked macaroni and cheese with real churned butter and five different gourmet cheeses, and yams drizzled with a marshmallow glaze.  Mmm! Yummy! I can feel my thighs spreading and my ass widening as I envision such deliciousness.

At 3:15 am one morning, I had this strange epiphany. I wanted to create a space or an outlet for myself and other “outside of the box thinkers.” I wanted to spread my (once clipped and now restored) wings and fly to heights unknown. I wanted to tap into my southern heritage and bring some flavor to the world of dating, beauty, and the like.

Prepare yourself as you take a journey with me through Kornbread&Kollardgreens. My thoughts and experiences may inspire you. Buckle up! Let’s Get Ready for the Ride of our Lives! Vroom Vroom!

WARNING! WARNING! This blog is not for the faint-hearted. I am a realist so if you’re easily offended or can’t seem to stomach “light” profanity, simply log off now. Thank you (stated in my Bernie Mac voice from Guess Who with a semi neck roll and circular finger snap)!

12 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Well i definitely accept. Love your page! I seen where you commented on PandorasAlterEgo post, saying it was like Mental Penetration and those words spoke to me so i will be posting a piece with that title. Stay tuned.

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