Happy New Year! 

In eleven months (as of today), I will be 40 years old. Officially a certified cougar … haha! I wrote the first entry into my memoir “The Road to Greatness at 40.” I’m learning to embrace the beauty of aging one mole, one laugh line, one(well, a few) grey/gray hair(s), one right knee ache, and one pimple at a time. 

This year will be the best one yet. Speaking it all into my existence. Life is more than just a dream … it’s your reality. Live and not only exist. First selfie of 2017. Well, here’s to the best year of this decade. Cheers! Celebrate your greatness! 
Happy New Year! 
Page 3 of 365 complete.

Karma Loves 

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year! 

      1. Well it’s your true . Always been partial to African American women . And u sure don’t diasappoint . Would love to correspond with you 😊

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