Now, I Give a Fuzz …

Today, I now give a Fuzz (You “sailors” know what I mean).  Recently (more like several days ago), I received an electronic message (a text for those who are still living in the stone ages) from a person who shall remain nameless, but bears the title of “the former.” … “Hey, I’m getting married again.” Though it was only 5 words, 8 syllables, and an adjective, I read the message over and over and over again until my eyes crossed and the “fire” from my nostrils caused an atmospheric explosion. WTF! I’m not upset that it’s happening, Hell No! I’m more pissed at Him … Him being the Man in the cloak, the Man with hair like wool, the Man with the ultimate life plan … He’s my “homeboy” for heaven’s sake  (well, at least I thought). I’m furious …”Why,” you ask? “Why the hell not?” I reply. A sista has been kneeling on both knees (even the semi-crippled right knee .. the one that pops and locks before I drop), fasting for years (I haven’t had an ounce of meat in over 2 years to include, uh, well, keep reading), abstaining from sex (we will not even go there), etc. etc. And, this mofo receives the gift of a virtuous woman (Good Luck girl because your “arse” will need it) .. a Proverbs 31:10 kind of woman. Really God, Really? What have I done wrong?!?

From this day forward, I’m committing myself to ME.I have forgotten … I have neglected … I have mistreated … I have unloved … I have taken myself for granted. No more binding myself in chains that have enslaved the beauty from within, the renewed love that I’m willing to share … Now, I must give a Fuzz!

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