Google, Save Me … Please!

Well, I did it again. Sigh … I utilized Google’s search engine in an attempt to locate my long lost “boo bear” whom I have yet to meet (in this life time anyway). He’s usually just a figment of my imagination during a sleepless night or the hot guy in one of my “please don’t wake me I’m dreaming” wet dreams (from night sweats you pervs … tee hee). How many singles have used google as a dating tool? Come on (gives major side eye 👀) … I know you have conducted a search for “places to meet singles” or “how to get a boyfriend/girlfriend in 30 days” or even “pickup lines to sway a man/woman.” Raises hand with a slight wave … I am not afraid to admit it … I just did it. But, uh, my search ended in a “he’s just not that into your crazy ass” tag. 🙄😖😭

I am taking a different approach to dating because obviously what I’m doing (or not doing) isn’t getting me anywhere. I can’t even seem to get a man to ask for my number or look at me with those googly and slightly creepy eyes. 😳 Seriously, I can’t even get a LL Cool J tongue across the upper lip tease. 👅WTH! Booo hooo!

I often ask myself, “Self, what the hell is wrong with you … it’s been 5 damn years sis?” Inserts major Kanye shoulder shrug … for some reason, the answer and “self” have left the damn building.

Google, for the love of God and all of his angels … Please save me! 

*Don’t judge me by the excessive use of emojis … allow me to have my moment please …. THANK YOU! ✌


Karma Loves 💋❤️

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