🌼Springing Forward🌼

While driving home the other day, I noticed a row of trees standing so erect with their limbs outstretched … a smile ran across my face as my eyes captured the pastel colors of the blooming bulbs. Before the rubber (of the tire) hit the paved driveway, I heard a cluster of birds sing in their native tongue (their claws wrapped around a limb of a mature tree), “Tweet, Tweet, Chirp, Chirp.” I could only close my eyes for a split second as the auto gear was still in drive. From that point, I knew nature was transforming … resurrecting … recuperating. I just wanted to inhale the scent of freedom … the scent of resilience … the scent of the season springing forward. 

Spring is a season of new beginnings  … new works of art … a new way of thinking (more like a mental quest) …  a new escape into something groundbreaking … a new vision on life. This spring will be the best chapter you’ll ever compose.  

With spring, we encounter the beauty of nature and its inhabitants … as hibernation season is no more. Those pesky (and hateful, and loud, and scary, and … need I say more) little (and enormous) insects can become our arch-nemeses or our allies as we continue to rid the earth of harmful pollutants/toxins. Mother Nature’s “magical” pixie dust (pollen) causes quite a sinus melt down, but her presence is always so majestic (no sarcasm). Mother Nature’s wrap is unexplainable … unpredictable … unnerving (at times), but our love for one another tends to prevail. 

Spring 2016 will be the year of our metamorphosis … Feel the tip of each wing break through the mold … “Creep, Crack, Creep.” 

Let us all spring forward with the intent to be GREATER than we ever were … GREATER than we ever thought we could be … GREATER than any eye can see. 



Karma Loves 💋❤️

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