Why?!? Oh, Why?!?


Why must I release myself from the bed of life (just added a 3 inch mattress topper to my queen size bed… enroute to cloud nine)? Why must I dig through my closet of 100 pairs of shoes (and counting) and rummage through my suitcases (don’t judge me, I foresee a trip in the near future … my passport is still a virgin and she’s more than ready to get her cherry popped) for a “meet him while out or be alone with 5 dogs in heat, 2 alley cats, 3  ‘always talking shit’ parrots, and a pet fish named Smokie” ensemble just for a dateless night out? I don’t want to go … I don’t want to be disappointed all over again. Dating (well, attempting to date) while heavily engrossed in video games (Xbox 360 is bae) and YouTube (couple/family vlogs) sucks major cow balls. I guess you can say, a sista is stuck in her ways.

They (by the way, who the hell is they?) say you won’t meet a man if you’re locked up in your room wearing oversized sweats and a crooked black girl bonnet. Why not? Prepares to reenact a random 2 year old temper tantrum on her birthday … In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (slowly falls to fall).

Dating has become nothing more than a race to a soiled motel room or a stranger’s sofa. This sista refuses to be a “Dine with me, F’me then Free Me type of woman.” You know, I miss those days where guys and gals “worked” hard for the first date … Remember the first time you saw his/her face and actually got butterflies before uttering the first hello, the first touch of his/her hand when he/she handed you the “digits,” and the first phone convo that lasted nearly 5 hours, but felt more like eternity. Sigh with a head shake … Why?!?Oh, Why?!? What happened? One guess … The emergence of social media and the ability to “like,” “comment,” or “DM (Direct Message)” someone anonymously. I’ve heard of men sending soft and uncircumcised penis pics and women sending dirty butt pics. Really? Like for real … I can’t deal … 

The Internet traffic is congested and it’s not going to taper off anytime soon. Travel light and be prepared/aware of potential road blocks. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, but well worth the journey … never an end always a new beginning. 

Never giving up on this thing we all call … LOVE. 


Karma Loves ❤️💋

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