Seasonal Throwback Thursday…Free Falling 

My favorite and most adored season is … FALL. I can already feel the breeze tickle my cheeks (on my face you perverts) and smell the dew after an autumn rain.I seriously want to walk outside and click the heel of my knee high Sam Edelman leather boots three times (with one eye opened and the other slightly closed) and chant, “there’s no place like fall, there’s no place like fall, there’s no place like fall” … hoping that the fall gods hear my cry before this extra sweet brown sugar melts in this muggy 100+ degree (southern) summer weather.

At this very moment, I am envisioning myself spinning around in a pile of leaves and playfully falling in the center of the colorful foliage. I would lay there with my eyes closed and legs and arms outstretched as if I was creating a “snow angel” all while inhaling the scent of fall’s “afternoon musk.”


Fall is a season of regrouping/reevaluating …a season of transformation. Fall is a season of testimonies … a season of triumphs and a season of recovery. For what is now … may no longer be a vision for your reality. For every trial, for every test … there will be a triumphant discovery.

As cliché as it may sound … we are like caterpillars preparing for hibernation inside a cocoon … awaiting the moment to morph into a beautiful and wondrous butterfly.

Fall is upon us … Get ready for your breakthrough.



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