I know when that iPhone Ring (or Bling)

Am I the only single (non-desperado by the way) woman that wishes, hopes, or dreams of waking up to her iPhone “blinging?” or hell can the shit just ring. The only humans that tend to call my phone are those loco telemarketers or some evil prankster. Oh, but wait, let me not forget the loud and obnoxious voice recordings … you know the ones that screech at a deafening 95+ decibels … “You have just won 1 million dollars” or “You have been selected to win a 10 day all inclusive cruise around the world.” 10 days around the world, really?!? Fudge you!

Thanks Drake for making my single life even more of a bad joke … goes to dial my phone number (on a land line) just to hear my iPhone ring or bling.

Ode to those hotline blingers (inserts another middle finger emoji) … haha!

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