Oh Tinder … WT(Censored Because My Parents May Read This)!

Helloooooo …

I hope everyone is in good spirits, in good health, and have not quite reached insanity. Well, as I always do or have done, I must speak the truth about dating. Single, Double, and Triple Sigh. But, I must dabble or as some many say “bitch”about my gripes of online dating or mobile dating via an app (on your iOS or Andriod device). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have ventured into the dark and somewhat hazy world of “abnormal” dating.

Online dating is quite convenient as you can sit comfortably on your couch or lay across your bed with your laptop (or phone) and swipe, click, tap, delete, or just log the hell off all together. And, you don’t have be bombarded with lame advances from a countless number of men (or women) asking to buy you a drink or asking if they can take you home. WTH!

I truly want to move to Saturn because its rings would rid the planet of bull shit. I would say Mars, but the line would be never-ending with women (and men) like myself … tired of the foolery from these damn earthlings.

My religious and “every Sunday I’m there” church going friends often remind me to stay in constant prayer and ask God to send me my Boaz. Honey, the Lord and his angels are overwhelmed with prayer requests from single women.

So, with no other choice or available outlet to meet single men, I ventured back to the infamous Tinder app. I mean, what did I have to lose? Every damn thing! SMH! My eyes bled from the photos of guys showcasing their penis print, their more than two children under the age of one, their wife (yes, many were looking for swinging partners — sorry, I’m a bit “stingy” and I do not share when it comes to the male “meat pistol”), their awkward poses with lions, and tigers, and bears, etc Honey, it’s too much foolishness to mention. I am completely over it.

Anyway … Without further ado, take a gander at the message/letter/cry for help I sent to Tinder exec’s … I’m still waiting on a response (inserts tune from the Wheel of Fortune).

Dear Tinder, 

Please for the sake of all singles around the world … Don’t make us out to be pimps or pimptresses. You’re running a legalized prostitution ring. Paying $20 a month for the same bullshit (guys only seeking ass, guys who are socially awkward, guys who rudely ask for ass, clitoris and tit photos, guys who post photos of or with their wives, guys who post photos of their dicks or lack of a dick, etc.) is ludicrous. I apologize for my bluntness *wait, no I don’t … “fudge it” this “sista” is mad as hell. I mean, I didn’t pay $20 for a damn hookup which would only end in utter disappointment. 

I digress … (slowly rolls eyes and continues giving you the Gary Coleman side eye)


A Woman Who is Tired of the Tinder Bullshit

Sigh … I promise, I am not going to give up.

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