The Moment I said, “I Do”

No, I’m not speaking of marriage, I’m speaking of self-acceptance. The moment I said, “I Do” (to MYSELF… to ME) I set myself free from the ghosts of the past. I said goodbye to those people, places, and things that no longer brought happiness, joy or added value to my life. The moment I said, “I Do,” I allowed myself the freedom to fly … my wings no longer clipped or damaged from hell’s calamitous storm. The moment I said, ‘I Do,” I released those inner feelings and emotions of guilt, shame, defeat, and hurt.

Ahh! It feels so damn good to be FREE … Ahh!

I want to scream right now … shout from the top and the bottom of my rattling lungs. I want the world to hear my freedom. I want the universe to feel my thunderous stomp … feel my heels hit the pavement as I celebrate the moment I finally stated, “I Do” to ME! I finally accept the woman I have become and the woman I am destined to be.

Release your fears! Part your lips and say with much virgor, “I Do!”



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