Unbreakable Beauty 

Dark circles, large pores, pudgy nose, slanted eyes, acne scars, eczema, discoloration, freckles, moles, smile lines (now, who the hell came up with that “ish”  … It’s all because “I’m Happy” … and no, I’m not clapping my hands Pharell) … etcetera, etcetera … the fabric of my beautiful existence.
Beauty goes beyond the surface, but it’s partnered with the flesh. It tends to rattle the bones and send electrifying currents through the body.  

I often compare myself to other women like most of us (women) do … you can admit it too … this is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE Boo Boo. I’m such a bootleg rapper. Haha! Time to get serious … (clears throat) … Randomness often runs rampant through my cranium … I wish I had her waist length hair (free flowing with a slight kink and defined curls at the very end), I wish I had her smooth and glowing (ageless) skin, I wish I had her sun kissed complexion (the sun was even like “Got Damn”), I wish I had her unaltered frame (the perfect hour glass … the one that time seemed to have forgotten), I wish I had her washboard abs (more ripples than the ocean at high tide), I wish I had her toned and “uncellulited” (yes, I said it … say it with me … “un-cell-u-lited”) legs and thighs, I wish I had her round and “firmalicious” ass (the one that only accepts American Express … the black card with a ZERO spending limit), I wish I had … I wish I had, but I don’t.


My flaws, my imperfections, my insecurities … all are the pieces to my unbreakable beauty … the unbreakable and imperfectly perfect puzzle of self-acceptance. 


Express Yourself

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