Love in an Unknown Form

Every night before I slumber, I light a few candles, play a few soothing tunes, and allow my mind to relieve itself of negative energy. Often times, my mind wanders into the land of the subconscious with no warning.

There’s not a day or night that goes by where I do not think of how life would be if I were to lay beside that one man … the man who was planted on this earth to grow with me, nurture me with just his presence, love with me (we both giving without taking away) not only with his heart, but with his mind, body, and soul (as I will vow to do the same).

I often find myself missing someone whom I have never met … whom I have never shared my life moments with. My thoughts of love in an unknown form allows me to create a visual for the universe. I envision an imperfect love … him and I becoming what others may deem as the perfect mates. Our souls no longer weeping … our hearts no longer bruised by the hands of the “illegitimates.”

I await the moment to lay beside him with our hands interlocked and our hearts finally creating the imperfectly perfect melody.

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