The Devil that Wears Apple

Well, Apple has done it to me again. Apple has forced this woman to dig deep within her Express Jean pockets and pull out a few dollars (well, a stack of dollars), a couple of silver coins (pennies won’t work with this transaction), and a handful of denim lint. Apple just “made it rain.” All of this sweat bearing work and hard labor for the new Apple Watch Sport 42 mm with Black Aluminum Case and Black Sport Band. Wowzer, almost out of breath … that was a mouth full. Go BIG or Be Left with a Shorty. I’m so corny … Haha!

Yeah, a “sista” refuses to slide down a pole at the “skrip” club on amateur night just to “cop” the more expensive version of the watch. And, only to have Apple come with some revamped bull “ish” 6 months later … Apple Watch 1.5 blah, blah, blah.

Not sure why I’m even fooling around with Apple this go around. I haven’t worn a watch since my preteen days of being a NKOTB Fan Whore (I slept with my Jordan Knight analog watch) back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

My ass was up at 2:55am on April 10th. I had my iPhone and iPad ready for the preorder war. When the clock struck 3:01am I refreshed the Apple homepage (damn near 20 times) only getting the chance to place an order at 3:10 am. “What the Fudge?!?” I dramatically mimed (had to use my inside voice) at the homepage through my iPad screen. And, to my dismay, I received a shipping date of 4-6 weeks (Mid-May) and not the controversial April 24th release date. Sigh with an even longer Sigh

I guess it’s the hype around owning a new product by one of the most exclusive tech giants known around the world. Whatever the hell it is I feel like “the devil that wears Apple.”

Am I the only nutso who will be channeling Mike and KITT (come on, who forgets Knight Rider) when my device arrives?

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