“Fitty” Shades of Grey

There’s something about a man who wears a pair of baggy grey sweatpants. There’s truly “Fitty” (fifty or 50 for those who are challenged in the slang department) shades of grey and it emits a stream of pheromones.

Universe, are you listening (clears throat)? Before he lands perfectly on my doorstep, standing so erect … Please make sure he’s wearing those thick baggy grey sweaties (the ones that slightly grab the “package” when he walks), the sweat drenched (not funky, just the natural male musk) v-neck white cotton T-shirt (the nipple enhancer), and the white pair of high top chucks (Converse) I viewed online at Zappos for him last week. And, can you please make sure he has those big (booty grabbing) hands and lands wearing his size 12 sneaks. I don’t ask for much Universe … Thank you! ❤️’s ya!

And yes, that’s Nick Jonas with his fine ass. I’m such a cougar. I have a problem with raising my claws and attacking the young (the over 21, but not quite 30).


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