Screw You …

I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about Valentine’s Day or any other day dedicated to couples or lovers alike. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t care about the flowers (red, yellow, black, or white they are all precious in my sight), the soft and cuddly teddy bears (the ones with the big eyes and ears, pudgy nose, and a “tickle me I’m cute” belly), the “Just Because”  male handmade cards (Hallmark has nothing on him), et cetera, et cetera.  I would be such an habitual liar if I told you I didn’t want a companion … one whom I trust with my all, love more than my iPhone 6 plus (shit just got real), and adore more than words could express.

Because I didn’t want to be  a spectator at the 2015 Valentine’s Day Couple Boasting Event, I deactivated my Facebook account. Call me what you want … I could care less or give two hard shit balls (the ones that drop after being constipated for a week). I’m truly sick of it. I feel (my opinion does count so suck it) some people deliberately showcase their relationship(s) on social media to make us “rejects” feel worthless or unwanted by other human beings. Haha! I’m going to give all my readers the infamous side eye with the twisted lip … because I know deep down you feel the same way.

Some may say, I’m just jealous … YOU DAMN RIGHT! Haha! Just kidding … (rolls eyes slowly) I’m more jealous of the fabricated thoughts in my head. The relationship in my head is far beyond perfect … it’s imperfection at its best. My subconscious knows how to make a sista mad … mad as hell.

Closes eyes …  Inhales … Exhales … Inhales … Exhales.

Many of my “friends in relationships” would so generously give me unwanted advice. I often hear (on a daily basis) … “He’s coming, just be patient” or “Wait on the Lord, he’ll send you just what you need” oh yeah and the, “Stop looking, he’ll come to you.” If they were truly my friend, they would help a sista out at little. I mean, hook a sista up … send her on a real date. Ok, Ok, I’m only joking … my friends will always be better than yours.

But on the real, I just want to quickly flip the bird and shout, “SCREW YOU!” to the relationship maggots. I kid! I kid!

Spread Love 365 days a year not just on the 14th of one month … Be Creative, Be Bold, Be an Amazing Lover of all Things!


One thought on “Screw You …

  1. I consider this the, “Get out of jail free card,” day. It’s a day when people without an understanding for romantic gestures 364 days in the year, bring out the best bag of tricks. In my opinion, if that happens, the 14th is a meaningless one. If you refuse to acknowledge someone on a regular day, displaying something on a “special day,” loses the air of excellence. Instead, cherish them each day, display romance each day, and when a day like this comes around, your actions won’t seem disingenuous. Well, that’s my opinion nonetheless.

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