Sensual Insanity

There’s nothing like waking up to a soft kiss on the cheek, a booty rub (or an abrupt, but gentle “slap-back”), and “breakfast” in bed. Mmmm … I am envisioning how amazing it would be to magically transmute my dream into my reality. I can hear the piano softly playing in the background. I can see the candles burn (flickering) … I can see the reflection of his naked body against the wall … his sexual vigor resonates. If only this masterful thought of seduction was my reality.

I want to feel his soft hands whisper against my beautiful brown skin. I want to inhale the aroma of his natural masculine musk (the pheromones enslave me). I want to taste his erect masculinity (as his bulge pulsates with each suck). I want to grab his muscular thighs as he tries to resist me. I want to suck on his protruding nipples.  I want to look deep within his soul through his beautiful animalistic eyes as he crawls between my vaginal walls. I want to speak in my sensualistic tongue, I want to wrestle like “mating” mammals, I want to feel the rhythm of his heart beat against my pulsating chest, I want to touch his chiseled torso as his sweat penetrates his glowing skin and drips slowly on my breasts.

I want to … I want to … I want to be the woman to take him there. I want to be the woman who allows him to reach his highest sexual peak (channeling his inner freak). I want to be the woman who allows him to entrap me … allows him to dive deeper and deeper into my ocean of lust. I want him to be the man who allows my river to over flow. Damn, MmmmMmmmAhhhAhhh!

I want him to be the man who loves me beyond my visual flaws, beyond my insecurities, beyond my faults, beyond my past, beyond my over-analyzing thoughts, beyond my monthly mood swings, beyond my jealousy. I want him to make love to every piece of me … to every inch of me. I want him to lick and suck every curve and every crevice.

I want him to be the one to take me to a place of sensual insanity.

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