You Will be Missed Snowie (Family Dog)

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Today, we lost a spunky, high energy ball of rocket fur. Our 11-year-old Maltese passed away from heart failure at around 1:00 am (December 26, 2014). He was by far one of the sweetest and smartest dogs (well, he was sweet if he liked you) alive. He was a true ankle biter and would snap at your pants leg (or bare leg) if you stepped one foot in my parents house without a proper introduction. He was given the name “terror”  by family and friends because he was so protective of my parents, especially my dad. Snow (aka Snowie aka Snowman aka Boo aka Old Man … and yes, he answered to them all) has been in our family since he was 8 weeks old. I remember when I went “through the jungles of animal kingdom and over the river” to bring him to his new humanized home.

The funniest memory of Snowie that I currently have in my head right now is of him humping (with his tongue out) his favorite brown teddy bear, Ms. Parker. He would deliberately get his freak on every time we had company over. He would fornicate in the center of the living room … with his tongue hanging low, one paw on Ms. Parker, and with a side way lean. Ha! And, he would hump faster (he was neutered) if you told him to stop. Snowie was always a hot and horny canine.

Snowie was a one of a kind … smart and very inquisitive and very spoiled. He knew when the clock struck “chop-chop” or “snack” time. It was like he knew how to tell time … he barked or used his paw to get the attention of my mom or dad at the same time everyday when it came time to eat. He knew a few commands (sit, high-five, fetch, down, go-get-your-toy, etc.) … he became quite stubborn as he aged. He loved going to get the paper every morning. He loved sneaking in my parent’s cup of coffee (as my mom stated, “Snowie just needs his Morning Joe“). He loved giving kisses, sitting on laps, sniffing Kiki’s (my dog) butt, hiding under the bed, going for walks with my dad, and taking car rides to the post office.

I thank God for allowing us to spend his final Christmas with us. He barked his final bark on Christmas day when he heard the neighbors truck “fart.” He held on as long as he could and as long as he knew how. We did have a chance to make a clay Christmas ornament with his paw print embedded on Christmas Day. Dogs are just like family. You miss them even more when they’re gone. You will be greatly missed Snowie.

We Love You Buddy! And, please no humping the canine angels!

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