It’s All About That Thing

As I was driving into work this morning Lauryn Hill’s, Doo Wop (That Thing), started blasting through the car speakers. I thought to myself, as I listened to the lyrics, “This song should be an anthem for all young girls growing up in this oversexed society.”

Too many young girls are showcasing their underdeveloped parts on social media for “likes” or to gain attention from little boys or “horny ass men” only to be sexually mocked or ridiculed. Some of these perverted little pests have yet to grasp the concept of properly urinating inside of the toilet instead of aiming outside of it.

We must teach our young girls that their bodies … their fragile frames are precious and pure.  Instill within their growing minds that knowledge is power and mind should always be over matter.

It’s all about that thing. Don’t give “it” away too soon. You really are a gem … a priceless diamond shining bright amongst the overly sexed garbage of society. I know times have changed, but you really must do everything in your power to protect “that thing.”




4 thoughts on “It’s All About That Thing

  1. You are so right. All too aften we see half or whole naked people on television and many girls want to mimc these females because they want attention. This is not the way to get it! A man or boy will give his attention to you if he is interested. If he’s not interested he’s probably doing you a very big favor so thank God for that and move on.

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  2. Say it again, too often you have teen girls trying to grab that male attention. The problem is they are going about it the wrong way. The way the television is showing it…shows that you have to be dressed a certain way to get attention when in reality t is not. We need to teach out young women the right way to act and dress. Not the wrong way. SMH, so sad but true.

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    1. Young girls are striving to beome strippers and “bad chicks” on social media. It’s very sad and the only way to cure this disease is to TALK, LISTEN, and LEARN. Parents should tend to their “fruit” during and after the harvest. Thank you for your continued support.


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