Happy 37th Birthday to Me

 Happy 37th Birthday to ME!

IMG_1571I was hoping to wake up with a “boner” on my back (leaving quite an indentation) or a kiss on my lips from my “boo in my head”… or maybe breakfast in bed with a “baby’s breath blue” Tiffany & Co. box under my Eggo waffle. Bah Humbug! Ha Ha! Instead, I rose from my bed, let out a tigress yawn, extended my arms, released an early morning surge of gas (oops, sorry … I had Chipotle last night), and inhaled explicable joy. I am undeniably thankful for life at 37 years young. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m positioned where I need to be. From this day forward I plan to LIVE … LIVE without fear of the unknown and LIVE without regret.

                          Happy 37th Birthday to ME!




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