Southern White Men Hate Black Women

It is a known fact that I am (and have always been) attracted to the “other white meat” (and no, it’s not pork – I’m a vegetarian) aka Caucasian men. Blame it on my parents for teaching me (while growing up and maturing as a child) not to recognize color, but character.

Most of my preadolescent childhood was spent in a predominately white neighborhood (climbing magnolia trees, removing those prickly little things from my kinky textured hair, running to the mailbox in the rain with no shoes on, and camping out in the backyard). I experienced my first innocent crush in kindergarten. I recall standing by the art easels (minding my business) and painting a lady bug (well, it looked more like a beetle). And, this blond and blue-eyed boy asked me, “Do you taste like chocolate because your skin is brown?” I shrugged my shoulders and before I could completely turn back to my art project, he kissed me on the cheek. And, he then replies, “Yes, you do taste like chocolate.” I knew it was love. By the way, his name was Ray. And, till this day, my uncle still calls me “Ray Heart.”

Ray, if you’re still out there .. I’m single and available. This time I’ll kiss you back with a slight slip of the tongue.

As a child, I didn’t recognize a barrier or a difference in color until I was faced with a few racially motivated epithets … “You’re a n*****!” and “Go sit on the porch monkey!” One cannot truly understand what racism feels like until they have faced the communicable disease head-on. Racism is like poison that continuously flows through the veins of many folks … with no known antidote.

Living in the south and breathing the bittersweet country air can be annoying as hell. Many southerners are closed-minded and tend to follow a very straight and narrow path. Some tend to misquote biblical scriptures or verses (I know the Lord didn’t say that) only to mollify their tarnished little lives. And, this unjustified behavior is natively ingrained into the minds, hearts, and souls of both southern “white folk” and southern “black folk.”

Dating in the south … well, uh, yeah if you’ve read most of my posts you get the picture. Caucasian men don’t approach me or tend to look in my direction. I try almost everything to get their attention (stare them down until they feel uncomfortable; follow them around a store, event, or networking function; ask a rhetorical question-usually occurs if I’m at a sports bar or a popular eatery; or ask a friend to informally introduce me). I am only left shaking my head and releasing a long sigh of disappointment and rejection.

Some white men only view black women as “big booty whores” or “little black fantasies” or “bedroom projects.” Wait! Don’t start clapping or giving the dap my black brothers, you do the same thing shit. Always professing, “Oh, I cherish the beautiful black queen” only to turn around and ask a woman to bow down and get on her knees. I can only conclude with … men are men and of course, the obvious … southern white men hate black women.

As cliché as it may sound, love is truly blind; it releases passion, desire, affection, adoration, tenderness, admiration, intimate connections, sparks, and warm sensations …. love holds no color, religion or creed, sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, metrosexual, etcetera … etcetera), status, or any other superficial label.


To Be Continued …

9 thoughts on “Southern White Men Hate Black Women

  1. BOY O BOY!! I had my fair share of innocent childhood crushes and a few reciprocated, but with the dark chocolate skin and the ideals of my small town it would have been front page news in the county!! I love my black King to the fullest but before him I always wanted a little cream in my coffee, but………..the South is the South

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    1. The south reigns again … NOT!! We can fight the perils of the dirty south with unity and love. I wouldn’t mind gracing the cover of my hometown’s newspaper … Ha! The title would read, “Your morning brew with a little sugar and extra cream.” Thank you Love for the continued support.


    1. It’s pathetic! I have decided to conduct a social experiment. Im going to get down to the “nitty gritty.” Oh and if you have any single brothers, uncles, cousins, etc … Hook a sista up! Haha! Thank you OP for checking me out!


  2. If you like white guys that is fine…but if I may, I really hope you’ve stopped following white men around, staring at them etc. it can come off as desperate and you are worth more than that. White men aren’t the center of the world, plus a lot of them are racist. If a man is interested then he’ll come to you, if not then he doesn’t deserve you any way. Also I think you just crave what a lot of black women crave (because black men don’t give it to us) protection and value, white men are in a position where they’re privileged to be at the top so they can offer that protection to their partner and a lot of bw don’t get that from bm.


    1. Haha! Hi Love! I was being facetious and a bit of a comedian. Not a literal statement. The only thing I follow (at the moment at least) is a few tv shows. I think we all have a little racism still lingering inside of us. Additionally, I think all men are capable of protecting, providing, and professing … Color is excluding from the equation. Thank you for reading!


  3. I have been thru similar experiences and I think u should just do you and be the great person that u r. And be happy some people will never break thru the ignorant veil thar blinds them. So find things that you like about u and be happy.

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