Hooking Up is For the Weak

I said it. And, I will stand by every word. Being older and more mentally mature, I’ve come to the realization that some men will never live beyond their pubertal age. Hook-ups are for the socially awkward or those that lack a sense of self-respect or self-acceptance. As soon as I landed in the “City of Singletown,” I was approached by men with swelling penises and obscene pick-up lines … “I want to taste your chocolate” … “Can I come over to do you?” (Actual pick-up lines by the way). My reaction to such indecency usually involves the “black girl” eye roll or the “I know you didn’t” with a side-eye, slow eye roll, and sucking of the teeth.


Dodging protruding wankers and the sexual stench of desperation is not an easy task. These wild, monstrous, predatory, and “no respect having men” will do almost anything to attack their prey. It seems that they will “attack” aka (f-bomb) any woman with a vagina or anything that looks like a vagina. If a hairy and beastly (and I mean hair growing for decades-forget “No Shave November”) vagina (with no face, just legs) was just sashaying down the street, you would suddenly hear and see a mob of half-naked men coming out of sports bars, office buildings, and shopping centers (humping the air) … they would leap onto the estranged vagina like fleas on a wandering canine. I refuse to fall for the cheap and low-grade hook-up lines. If one can’t seem to carry a conversation or tap into his (half-empty) intellectual box, I’m NOT interested.

I’ve noticed that some men will get straight to it, right after the hello … “Hello Sexy, what are your plans tonight?” or “You are hot! Can I go home with you?” What about my name sir? WTH! Guys, not all women are looking to get laid or “get sacked.” We can go to the nearest “after dark” novelty shop and purchase a mighty big, long, and strong “power ranger” with multiple speeds … we can easily choose the color and girth.

Where are the mature, respectful, honest, and semi-comedic men? Could they be on planet Mars? I will say it again, hooking up is for the weak! Dating/Courting is becoming nonexistent here in the “City of Singletown.”

5 thoughts on “Hooking Up is For the Weak

  1. Those men are an example to the type of guys you take to an art exhibit. They only go to get close to you but while you are there, you actually have the advantage. Judging from a mans response when it comes to his thoughts on the piece your are inquiring about tells it all. If a man has no understanding or doesn’t even try to express his feeling on the piece of art that you ask about always draws a red flag. On deeper level, one who doesn’t understand the strokes of the artist and the emotions of the art he observes can never truly understand the woman that accompanies him. A woman body is but a fine canvas with light brushes of nature. Her curves are designed by the creator himself and if the guy doesn’t understand fine art or the creator of it; he will never understand the woman who is connected to it. All he can do is buy it as a front to knowing true divinity.

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  2. I am in total agreement with you here. It doesn’t take much effort at all to get a wet dick with some men. I try to stay home if I know I’m not looking presentable, but on a recent outing while battling a viral infection, “She wasn’t too cute!” I felt horrible and feel that I looked worse. I go to pick up my prescription and this troll says to me “Hey Baby! I can help clear up any sniffles, snots (yes, he said snots), or sneezes you may have. One dose of me and you will be following me around like white on rice!” Sooooo, in my sickly raspy voice, I respond with “First off sir, thanks for the laugh! Your comedy is unmatched. Second, your analogy sucks butt and if you have something that clears up what I have, you may have something else I don’t want, ugh!” Lol, he rolls his eyes and walks off while calling me what sounded like bitch, but I couldn’t really make it out because my ears were clogged too!!! Smh

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    1. Lmao @ something else I don’t want. I’m glad that you’re recovering. Like ive told the other jack asses … “I can buy a dick and have any speed, color, girth, length, etc … try again.”


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