Give Back

There are billions upon billions of people and other living things that reside in this place we call … HOME. The world is composed of women, men, infants, toddlers, teenagers, canines, felines, insects, primates, and so much more. We all saunter the fields of floral beauty … eat from the garden of eternal youth … inhale the scent of the earth (lumber from the eldering trees, rain from the Cumulonimbus clouds, smoke from a chimney, a sweet and supple scent from a youthful and colorful cluster of pansies). We all tend to give and take from the earth … the one place we all call our safe haven.

We must learn to share our plentiful supply of every day necessities (tangible or intangible) to those less fortunate. Once (or twice) a week I encourage you to GIVE BACK. Give from the heart and ask another supporter to do the same. If you know of someone having a challenging day, send an email, write a short and sweet note (Your day will get brighter, You’re Awesome, Be Encouraged, Smile, You’re Blessed), or give them a call. If you know of someone needing a hug, HUG THEM. If you know of someone needing advice (that doesn’t require professional guidance), SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE. If you know of someone who just needs to talk, LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. If you have a love for animals, visit or volunteer at a local animal shelter. If you see an elderly lady or gentleman needing a helping hand, reach out to assist them. If you see someone struggling to open a door, OPEN IT! There’s truly no limit to what you can offer the world. You are giving back to the earth what it has been missing for centuries … LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, HARMONY, and GOODWILL.

You never know when you may need that one thing you offered someone else. Lend a helping hand to someone less fortunate. GIVE BACK! BE A HERO/SHERO!