Never Underestimate the Power of Life

We often take life for granted whether it’s the simple things like inhaling the morning scent of pancakes and scrambled eggs or waking up with the sun in our face (with the glare almost blinding us) and hearing the birds chirp with glee. Sipping a warm cup of ginger tea or drinking a cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of organic cane sugar and a tablespoon of french vanilla creamer is a joyous morning ritual.

I often find myself complaining about the things that I’m not willing to change or I’m just too lackadaisical to change. As I get older, I’ve realized that I am the creator of my happiness. I am the creator of my joy, my inner peace, my external make-up, and my spiritual shield.

There’s so much power in life. It is a gift that was granted to us by the Creator of heaven and earth. The Creator of the ocean and the sea … the Creator of the beautiful rainbows that we often see. As I write this I wish it would rain … rain so hard that it strokes the parched pavement. I would run outside with my cozy house slippers (on my aching feet), my raggedy over-sized sweatpants, and my, well, an ex’s old t-shirt (one I kind of borrowed) … just to smile, spin around in a circle, dance, and feel the drops of rain on my skin. Oh what joy!

Never underestimate the power of life. Extend your arms, close your eyes, and inhale the fragrance of LIFE.

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