Be Like an Animal

Be like an animal! Dare to be different. Wear your stripes with pride (Your flaws are the perfect imperfection), Roar like a Lioness (Be confident), and Extend your claws (Be fearless).

I’m often my own worst enemy. There are days that I wish I was taller, sometimes a little bit shorter, smaller in the waist, slimmer hips and thighs, more defined abdominal muscles, and had less of a pooch and rump-a-dacious curve in the back.

All things hoped for are not always the components that make us extraordinary or distinctive earth bound beings. Our external and internal “tattoos” or make-up define who we truly are and who we are/were meant to be.

Roar … Growl … Bark … Howl …  Hiss! BE LIKE AN ANIMAL! BE FEARLESS!

Dating Made Not So Easy: Dare to be Different

Dating Made Not So Easy: Dare to Be DIfferent

Morgan sleeveless top
$94 –

Yes London fur coat
$2,095 –

Balmain mini skirt
$4,785 –

Tom Ford short boots

Roberto Cavalli yellow purse
$740 –

GUESS by Marciano necklace

Murano 1291 gold ring
$230 –