Single, Sassy, and Classy

I’m single, a little sassy, and classy. What more can a woman ask for or desire besides the obvious. I must be honest with you though, I’m a bit over strolling through Single Street with pedicured toes, hair blowing in the wind, and a walk that’ll stop traffic. Class Act

I want to travel the world with a man … a gentle, kindhearted, and fearless man. I want our souls to connect, our hearts to beat with one rhythm (his “lub” flows with my “dub”). I want our minds to be stimulated by words of intellect. I want our bodies to collide … to reach a point of an orgasmic overdose when we’re together or when we’re apart. I want to embrace his culture as he embraces mine.

I want to build a home with him (together we lay bricks and stones). I want to cook (preparing our favorite dish) for him while wearing only an apron and stilettos. I want to wash his back, I want him to kiss my neck, I want to heal his pain, his strife … wipe his tears (not only in the dark, but in the light).

I want us to take a stroll in the city hand in hand, side by side, and shoulder to shoulder while leading each other. I want others to feel the warmth of our flame … see the passion in our eyes. I want others to marvel our story of love in raw form.

Now, I’m slowly opening my eyes, only to realize, I still remain in this obscure reality. However, I’m learning (each and every day) that it’s possible to be single, a little sassy, and classy.