South Carolina Loosens the “Bible” Belt

South Carolina officials may have finally loosened their tight asses and opened their closed minds to accept the fact that love comes in all forms. The ban on gay marriage in South Carolina could very well be a thing of the past.

I support anyone who believes in love especially the raw form of love. Who cares if it’s two men or two women or two goats or two mules? Some of us “heterosexual” beings are still trying to establish a stable relationship with the opposite sex.
Many southerns are too concerned with what’s going on in someone else’s household instead of cleaning up their own crap. Everyone tends to have smelly shit. Well except for me … I have a very flagrant scent that emits from my feces. Haha!

Remember “Roses” by Outkast circa 2003

I know you’d like to thank your shit don’t stank
But lean a little bit closer
See that roses really smell like boo-boo
Yeah, roses really smell like boo-boo

For those who reside in South Carolina (once same sex marriage is legalized), I’m a notary public and an ordained minister. I would be honored to officiate your union.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October grants many expressive outlets. I often participate in many festivities (i.e. Halloween, Volunteer at Sports Related Races, Local Fall Festivals. State Wide County Fairs). I also contribute my time and money in an effort to spread breast cancer awareness. It is imperative that ladies and men (especially those over the age of 25) check themselves regularly for any unusual growths (lumps) or deformities near or around the breasts. According to the American Cancer Society, “breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, but the good news is “at this time there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.”

Early Detection and Awareness can and will save lives. For more information, visit Breast Cancer Awareness

My aunt passed away from breast cancer in 2007. I visited her in the hospital a few hours before her life was taken away. She was alert, but frail and very weak. Her complexion was no longer the color of caramel with a dab of cream. Her full head of kinks and coils was nonexistent. Her contagious smile was no longer. I remember chills running down my body as I held her hand and watched as cancer only allowed her a few more breaths.

Aunt Barbara will always be my hero. I can feel the breeze from her wings and hear her angelic voice as she whispers, “I’m doing just fine.”

If a family member, friend, or even a stranger has been diagnosed or suddenly passed away with breast cancer, comment below with their name and a message or prayer.

There must be a cure for this dreadful disease. Spread Love and Awareness! We must start a “Make Love to Your Boobs” revolution. Remember the adage, Make Love, Not War … We will Make Love to our Boobs to avoid a War with Cancer.

I say this loud and proud with my middle finger in the air (and still remain a lady) … F-BOMB YOU CANCER!!!