What to Expect as a Sexless Single Woman in Carolina

You read the title right!  No need to rub your eyes or scratch your head in confusion. I am happy to say that I am a sexless single woman. I shouldn’t profess it so bluntly, should I? … (clears throat) … I am a celibate single woman. Now, that sounds a bit more elegant and prude. Ha Ha! To be honest, I am proud to not spread my legs for the first guy who offers me a two piece snack deal or a biscuit without the honey. Hell, I am a vegetarian so widening my womb for chicken, pork, or steak is out the question.

Male and female friends of mine often ask the day old question, “How do you do it girl?” How? I tend to focus all of my attention on things that will bring value to my empire. Things that will increase my wealth. I’m sorry, one night of lust from a stranger will not add dinero (Ching Ching not Ding-a-Ling) into my checking account unless I am a high dollar prostitute willing to Flip it, Spin on it, Rock steady with it, or Drop it like it’s luke warm.

I don’t place sex at the forefront when meeting someone of the opposite sex. A guy of interest must be willing to carry on an intellectual conversation and converse via a phone conversation instead of texting slang every other day (Wyd, Hru, K, Y, GM)  I often respond with the following sequence of letters -> WTFAIWMT (Why The F-Bomb Am I Wasting My Time) only to get the infamous “?” (Question Mark).  LOL! Access Denied!

You can call me what you like. I refuse to lower my standards in an effort to change my status on social media from ‘Single” to “In a Relationship” only to change it to “It’s Complicated” the next week. You can call me old school or eldered. I still believe in courting (aka dating for the younger generation) before knocking the boots.


4 thoughts on “What to Expect as a Sexless Single Woman in Carolina

  1. There is NOTHING wrong with sticking your core values…i think we use to be about this and now we just want a man and the men aren’t even trying be on their “A” game because the women in on theirs….so it’s like why put in the effort. Great post!

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    1. I’ve actually enjoyed turning down “wackos” who approach me with such foolishness. I shall remain celibate until I’m in a stable, healthy, and fulfilling relationship. Thank you for commenting!


  2. Once again I concur. It’s liberating to hold back and wait for someone who is worth it, because this right here, is not to be taken lightly. 😉 You are not alone, although we are of a rare breed.


    1. I tend to focus on other life happenings. Who wants to be on their back everyday night. I plan to sit on the throne of success. There’s nothing more pure than a woman willing to save her precious jewels for the right “purchaser.” Thank you again Deja!


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